Wednesday, March 17

Sprint + Nexus One? Goodbye Verizon!

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Today a colleague(and would be contributor to CheckedException) passed me a link to some beautiful news.  Nexus One is coming to Sprint and soon.

In an official press release(more than has come from Verizon I might add), Sprint officials have verified that Sprint will get the Nexus One with availability being announced "soon".  And with that, it's adios to Verizon.

I can't say that I've ever been as excited to get a new phone as I have to get the Nexus One.  I even considered switching to t-mobile, but as I said before signal is king and there are too many dead zones for me to accept t-mobile's lack of coverage in this area.  Sprint, on the other hand, has good coverage in my area and great data speeds.

This news coupled with the release of the HTC Supersonic(if that comes to fruition) means that Sprint will firmly supplant Verizon as the holder of the premium Android phones on the market.
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