Wednesday, February 4

Failure: New and Improved

Sometimes I can't help but wonder how Microsoft has managed to continue it's domination of the desktop market when they make such obviously stupid decisions. For instance, this gem.  

I just have to continue to ask "why"?  How does it help you to have a  version of your OS that will only run 3 applications at once?  They should have named that one Windows "Useless" Edition. 

 Home Premium gives you "touchscreen implementation"?  Since when did an operating system vendor provide "touchscreen" functionality?  Folks, it's hardware vendors that provide drivers so sofware can work with their hardware.  Windows doesn't provide this, the touchscreen vendor provides a driver for its hardware that works with Windows.  

Here's a suggestion to the folks at Microsoft, make 1 version of your software that works.  No BSOD, no gaping security holes, the interface behaves in a reasonable, consistent way, put it on a modern filesystem, and make it more efficient.  Reducing the number of windows someone can open and marketing it as a netbook solution is just a hack job so you can brand a product in an area where you are facing serious challengers.  Consider the approach Apple took with MacOS and use stick to making window managers.