Sunday, April 13


The motivation for this blog came out of my own desire to write more and to express my ideas of how programming should(and should not) be done. What will differentiate my blog from the thousands of other technical blogs? Probably nothing. I don't intend to generate a gigantic following, nor do I believe that I will always write things that are valuable for all people. I do hope that there are folks out there who will benefit from my ideas, opinions, and insights into programming and related topics.

In this blog I intend to cover topics such as tech/product reviews, programming topics(mostly in Java and Java platform languages), and express my sometimes disturbing distaste for all things originating from a certain, good-sucking company from Redmond.

And yes, I may bore you with an occasional outburst of personal opinion outside the realm of technology. For this I apologize... profusely... in advance.

Greetings and enjoy!