Sunday, August 8

Did I do *anything* today?

Ever get to the end of your day and ask yourself that question?  I often have that sinking feeling that I just got nothing done because I have nothing to show for it.  I may have spent the day doing useful things like helping a colleague accomplish a task or giving direction or helping with sales, but if there's nothing to show for it at the end it's tough to know what just happened.

In the windows world there are apps like "RescueTime" that monitor your environment and tell you what you've been doing... but that I know of, there is nothing like that for Linux.  That is, until now.

The amazing thing is, I could do it all in a shell script of less than 100 lines. It gets a little hack-ish in that I have to depend on the dbus api from gnome-screensaver, but it's a fairly accurate way to do it. Anyway, if it's something you've been wanting for linux, give it a shot and see if i does what you are looking for.

** Disclaimer:  This app will record what you are looking at if it is reported by xprops or dbus.  It does not log keystrokes and does not send any information off to me or anyone else.  That said, I am not responsible if this script logs you doing something you weren't supposed to be doing nor the ramifications of that action.  I use it to monitor the way I spend my time while on my computer.  If your wife catches you watching porn that is 100% your fault.