Tuesday, December 25

Fixing Flash for Chrome on Mac

Yes, I am now and have been for the past 3 months a semi-proud Mac owner.  The details of that is for another post, but the bottom line is, I had a horrific crash on my laptop and finally recognized what several people have told me for years.  Linux is great, Ubuntu is great.  But when something you need breaks because of hardware and you can't bill time, it's not just the fact that you aren't making money, you're losing it.

Of course, cutting through the "It just works" mantra, we find many places where it just doesn't work, one of those being Flash on Chrome.  It's broken... and when I say broken, I mean I don't want to pretend I am deaf because there's never any sound in the video, videos skip or fail to load altogether, etc... aka, broken.

And for the record, it was broken for a lot of stuff in Ubuntu as well, with the same results.  Luckily, the fix is the same, you simply need to tell Chrome which Flash plugin to use.

Open a new Chrome window and in the address/search area, type chrome://plugins/

On the right side near the top, click on "Details" link to expand the details on each plugin.

Scroll down to find the Adobe Flash Player and find the one where the type is PPAPI(out-of-process).  This is most likely to be the PepperFlash plugin.  Click "disable".

Now just reload any page you had open previously and you should now have sound and any other issues you might be experiencing with flash should clear up.