Monday, January 25

Polyphasic sleep... an also-ran story.

Yeah, I'm trying it.  The duties of husband, father, son to aging parents, and geek simply demand more than 16 waking hours.  No, this blog is not about to become an Uberman blog... although I'd probably get more hits that way.

As I sit here at 5 am EST, I am about 5 days into the adjustment period.  It is difficult... not the most difficult thing I have ever done, but it is definitely not easy.  In doing this I have discovered some things about myself, which are always fun.

1. I am not as undisciplined as I thought.  I just really have to want something.  The idea of only having to sleep 2 hours a day and being able to maintain that over long periods of time is extremely enticing.

2. It is friggin cold in my office at 5 am.

3. I like sleeping in.  I like the feeling of knowing I'm supposed to get out of bed and rolling over instead.

4. My hardest nap to get up from is the one from 4am to 4:20am.   I usually need every alarm at my disposal to do it.

5.  In the 5 days I have done this, my time required to fall asleep has greatly decreased.  I am now falling asleep in 1-4 minutes instead of 20 minutes to an hour.

What I can't find are references to ill-effects on health.  I have seen a few testimonials but no hard evidence.  I think it is worth study.

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